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Ultra-Light Breathable Steel Toe Non-Slip Work Shoes

Ultra-Light Breathable Steel Toe Non-Slip Work Shoes

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The most comfortable invulnerable work shoes.
The all-in-one solution to work shoes that provide a perfect blend of comfort, style and protection.
Thanks to the advancements we’ve made in footwear technology, we have designed the perfect pair of work shoes that provides long-lasting protection without additional weight.
These shoes are built with military grade material, an incredibly tough yet lightweight material.

Moisture-wicking mesh lining for maximum airflow and breathability to prevent stinky and sweaty feet.

Made from heavy-duty steel to fully protect your toes from crushing and falling objects.

Military grade material keeps feet safe from the workplace and environmental hazards
Passed Impact Resistance, Compression Resistance and Puncture Resistance Test.
Padded midsole allows for superior cushioning and roomier toe-box for all-day comfort.

Springy, flexible composition helps distribute body weight evenly across feet.
Product attributes:
Function: Smash-proof, puncture-proof, abrasion-resistant, light and soft, anti-slip, shock-absorbing.
Toe: European standard steel toe.
Midsole: Kevlar midsole.


How do I find my shoe size?
Note: The width can be chosen one size larger to maintain the shoe fit.

Size Chart

Size US Size UK Size  Foot Length (mm)
35 4.5 4 225
36 5 4.5 230
37 5.5 5 235
38 6 5.5 240
39 6.5 6 245
40 7 6.5 250
41 7.5 7 255
42 8 7.5 260
43 8.5 8 265
44 9 8.5 270
45 9.5 9 275
46 10 9.5 280
47 10.5 10 285
48 11 10.5 290
49 11.5 11 295
50 12 11.5 300

We make zero compromises in terms of quality materials, manufacturing, or business ethics (fair labor and sustainability).
We simply believe that offering customers great value is the foundation of long-term business success and is the honorable thing to do.


Soft and supple upper provides a beautiful look that gets better with time.
Lining ensures the softest touch.
Shock-Absorbing Insole forms to your feet over time for all-day comfort.

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