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Woodworking Carving Tool

Woodworking Carving Tool

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  • Powerful and Efficient: The Woodworking Carving Tool needs an electric chisel with a supporting grinder or small mill, delivering a carving speed several times faster than traditional hand carving. Save time and effort with 1/3 of the force required for hand-carving.

  • Versatile Carving Capabilities: This electric chisel comes equipped with 5 special knives and a small spanner, allowing you to carve not only ordinary wood but also ebony and soft plastic. Explore a wide range of carving possibilities, from furniture engraving to intricate sculptures.

  • Superior Performance and Safety: The solid shell construction of the carving tool ensures durability, while the excellent heat dissipation efficiency keeps it safe to use. Experience high-speed vibration at 25,000 minutes per minute when the knife touches the wood, resulting in precise and detailed carvings.

  • Ergonomic and Fatigue-Free: With the Woodworking Carving Tool, you can say goodbye to fatigue during long carving sessions. Enjoy a speed boost of 3-5 times compared to manual carving, allowing you to complete your projects efficiently and comfortably.

  • Wide Range of Applications: From antique floor carvings to potted plant decorations, this carving tool is suitable for various woodworking projects. Bring your creative ideas to life as you carve figures, animals, and intricate designs with ease.


  • Package Size: 175*115*95mm
  • Weight: 500g


  • 1 pc*Woodworking Carving Tool
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