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[Winter Gift] Electric Heated Plush Shoes

[Winter Gift] Electric Heated Plush Shoes

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Elevate Your Comfort, Warm Your Sole: Electric Heated Plush Shoes Cozy Feet, Anywhere You Go!

With their plush lining and innovative heating technology, these shoes are designed to keep your feet toasty, whether you're indoors or out.


- Extreme Warmth

- Convenient Charging

- Two-Gear Temperature Regulation

- Super Soft & Light

- Outdoor & Indoor Wearable



SOFT AND WARM - Immerse your feet in luxurious warmth with our Electric Heated Plush Shoes. Their exceptionally thick plush lining and snug ankle elastic strap create an oasis of comfort. Perfect for those chilly days indoors or outdoor adventures, these shoes keep your feet irresistibly warm and snug.

FAST HEATING, 2-GEAR TEMPERATURE - Enjoy rapid warmth with the convenience of two temperature settings. These shoes offer fast heating and a 2-gear temperature control system. Select the low setting for a cozy 35°C (90°F) or opt for the high setting to bask in toasty 55°C (131°F) comfort. With safety at the forefront, these shoes ensure worry-free warmth.

NO NEED TO CHANGE SHOES - Bid farewell to shoe-changing hassles. Our Electric Heated Plush Shoes feature a waterproof and non-slip bottom, allowing you to wear them seamlessly into the bathroom without concern for moisture damage. For outdoor use in dry conditions, simply connect them to portable power supplies, eliminating the need for extra footwear.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMFORTABLE - Comfort should never come at the cost of convenience. These plush shoes are incredibly lightweight, allowing you to move freely and comfortably without feeling weighed down. Whether you're relaxing at home, or on a casual stroll, these shoes provide the perfect balance of warmth and ease.


Color: Pink, Gray, Black

Size: 26, 27, 28, 29, 30

Material: Plush, Rubber, Heating Device

Charging Cable Length: About 1.5m

Temperature: 35 ℃/90 ℉, 55 ℃/131 ℉

Rated Voltage: 220V

Rated Power: 10W*2

Rated Frequency: 40Hz


Electric Heated Plush Shoes *1 Pair

Charging Cable* 1


The temperature of high-temperature gear is relatively high. In order to prevent scalding, it is recommended to only use it for preheating, and it is recommended to use low-temperature gear for a long time.

It is strictly prohibited to heat for a long time without supervision, and it is strictly prohibited to cover the shoes with quilt, blanket and other thermal insulation fabrics.

Please operate in strict accordance with the instructions. When using, please do not apply it directly to the skin to prevent low-temperature scald, and pay attention to control the charging time and use time.

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