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Magnetic Tempered Glass Double-sided Phone Case For Samsung

Magnetic Tempered Glass Double-sided Phone Case For Samsung

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The front and back of this phone case are protected by 99.99% high-definition tempered glass.

  • [Scratch Resistant] Our protective front case has a built-in tempered glass for scratch and wears resistance. And provide 360° comprehensive protection for the phone. It is impeccable in every aspect.
  • Compatible with fingerprint unlocking: After receiving the product, please re-enter the fingerprint unlocking after installing the phone case.
  • [Update magnetic] Compared with other ordinary protective cases, our magnetic enclosure adopts multi-point strong magnetic field adsorption technology, which increases the magnetism, so that the magnetic enclosure can be seamlessly attached to your mobile phone. The transparent tempered glass back retains the original beauty of Samsung's design. The double-sided magnetic casing provides maximum and comprehensive protection for your mobile phone.

  • [Support face ID unlock] The magnetic protective case is perfectly compatible with your mobile phone. The face can be unlocked normally, which greatly improves the comfort of use. The cutout allows the privacy and anti-peeping magnetic enclosure to easily access all ports and functions. No signal blocking.
  • [Support wireless charging] The ultra-thin design enables the magnetic shell to support wireless charging without disassembling the shell. The back is made of glass, which is not easy to absorb heat when charging. You can use it with confidence.

    Steps for usage:
    1. Remove the protective film on the front, back and inside of the phone case.
    2. Remove the original mobile phone screen protective film.
    3. Delete the original phone fingerprint, install the phone case, and re-register the fingerprint to unlock.
    4. There is a fingerprint hole on the front glass of the unlock screen phone case.
    5. There is a touch screen debugger in the phone settings, which is used to debug the sensitivity of the touch screen.
    6. When installing the phone case, pay attention to whether the side buttons and the plastic strip inside are jammed. It can move up and down, left and right. Press lightly when opening.


Product weight  150G
Product size
(L x W x H)
 Suitable for different models
Package Contents  Magnetic Tempered Glass Double Sided Phone Case x 1
Material  Explosion-proof glass with high aluminum + metal content
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