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Lumbar disc fixation belt

Lumbar disc fixation belt

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A lumbar disc fixation belt is a type of medical device used to provide support and stability to the lower back. It is designed to help reduce pain and improve mobility in individuals with lumbar disc herniation or other spinal conditions. The belt is typically made of a durable, breathable material and is adjustable to fit the wearer's body. It is lightweight and breathable, and its biomimetic steel plate support ensures a perfect fit. The dual pressure band provides extra support and the lightweight and traceless invisible wear make it comfortable to wear all day. With this lumbar disc fixation belt, you can get the support you need to stay active and pain-free.



Lightweight and breathable - Lumbar disc fixation belt is made of fish mesh fabric, lightweight and breathable, suitable for four seasons universal. It provides comfortable and effective support for your waist and lumbar spine.

Biomimetic steel plate support - Support the waist and back to avoid sprains. It conforms to ergonomics and is more in line with the curvature of the lumbar spine, providing support and stabilizing the lumbar joints to avoid accidental injuries.

Perfect fit - Simulate the lumbar spine bone curve of the human body to closely adhere to the back of the waist, disperse lumbar pressure, and widen the distance between the lumbar discs.

Dual pressure band with balanced force - Adopting a dual compression band design, the waist receives balanced force, straightens the waist and abdomen, enhances the support capacity of the waist, and disperses lumbar pressure.

Lightweight and traceless invisible wear - The breathable lumbar disc fixation belt provides a lightweight experience, making it lightweight, non bulky, traceless, invisible, and burden free. It combines practicality and aesthetics.


Material: Ribbon, steel plate

Color: Black

Size: M-2XL

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