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Ideal gift - USB heated hoodie

Ideal gift - USB heated hoodie

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Always stay warm with our heated hoodies!

Unleash the power of warmth and style with our heated hoodies, the ultimate winter accessory for those who crave comfort and versatility.

  • Adjustable comfort

These hoodies have adjustable heat settings that allow you to regulate the heat to your liking. Whether you prefer it cosy and warm or a little warmer - it's up to you.

Portable heat

The USB heating element makes these hoodies incredibly portable. At home, at work, during outdoor activities or when travelling, you can simply connect it to a power source such as a power bank or laptop and keep warm.

With its unisex look and wide range of sizes, it is a fashionable choice for anyone looking for warmth and style.

Versatile use

Ideal for a variety of activities, from casual everyday wear to outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking, camping or simply out for a walk on a chilly day, the heated hoodies will keep you cosy and comfortable.

It is the perfect gift for any occasion and offers the highest quality and durability. With its elegant design and wide range of functions, it is sure to be a hit with anyone who receives it.

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