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💥Last Day Big Sale 49% OFF💥 Household Heavy Oil Stain Range Hood Cleaning Agent

💥Last Day Big Sale 49% OFF💥 Household Heavy Oil Stain Range Hood Cleaning Agent

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It makes the perfect gift for someone who loves a clean kitchen. This Household Heavy Oil Stain Range Hood Cleaning Agent easily and effectively removes stubborn grease, limescale, and other hard-to-clean everyday ingredients.

In just 30 seconds, grease and grime will say goodbye.


Clean All Surfaces

It is suitable for cleaning pots, stoves, pan bases, floors, dishes, taps, tiles, kitchen hoods, etc.

Effective Against All Types of Dirt

The foam expansion technology can effectively remove stains, grease, dirt, ingrained dirt and stubborn stains, performs full line cleaning and keeps the surface clean and fresh.

Spray Instant Clean

The foam cleaner contains ingredients that can quickly dissolve oil and lime deposits, and foam expansion technology that quickly separates stains from the surface to be cleaned.

Concentrated Liquid and Special Spray Nozzle for Economy

The concentrated composition provides up to 100 cleanings with one bottle and is economical in terms of application.

The spray nozzle is specially designed to cover a large area with a minimal amount of product.

Lemon Scent and Gentle Formula

It is non-toxic and odorless, gentle, and does not irritate the nose. It is environmentally friendly and takes care of your hands.


By eliminating sticky stains, the All Purpose Cleaner Spray will keep everything sparkling clean and protect against discoloration and cracking due to heat for up to 1 month.


Net Weight: 330 ml; 500 ml

Shelf Life: Three Years

Main Ingredients: Surfactants, Co-solvent, Mixed Defouling Factors

Package Contains: 1*330 ML or 1*500 ML

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