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Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter

Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter

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Introducing our Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter, the must-have tool for every electrician, DIY enthusiast, or home maintenance guru. This advanced multimeter is designed to simplify your electrical measurements while ensuring your safety. With its intelligent features and user-friendly interface, it's the perfect addition to your toolkit. 


AUTOMATIC DETECTION: This multimeter features automatic detection of voltage, current, resistance, and more, saving you time and effort on manual range selection.

ANTI-BURN TECHNOLOGY: Our innovative anti-burn technology ensures that the multimeter will not overload or overheat, providing enhanced safety during use.

DIGITAL PRECISION: Enjoy precise readings on the large, easy-to-read LCD screen, making it ideal for professionals and beginners alike.

INSULATION MEASUREMENT: NCV non-contact voltage probe. Place the NCV probe on the top of the instrument close to the place where there is AC power supply, the instrument will sound and light alarm when it detects the voltage signal, which is safer.

HUMANIZED DESIGN: LCD liquid crystal screen with clear handwriting, with backlight scientific eye protection various environments can also easily deal with. As well as wearing a rubber protective sleeve, not afraid of falling effectively protect the instrument.


DC Voltage: 0.8~600V (Range: 610V)

AC Voltage: 0.8~600V (Range: 610V)

Resistance: 600kQ

Maximum Count: 2000

Size: 58*26*118mm


1*Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter


The multimeter requires two AAA batteries for operation. Please install fresh batteries following the polarity indicated in the battery compartment.

Ensure you are familiar with electrical safety procedures and precautions before using this tool. Always remember to prioritize safety.

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