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Hammer Drive expansion aluminum nail

Hammer Drive expansion aluminum nail

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The Hammer Drive Expansion Aluminum Nail are designed for use in various applications. They are engineered with a unique design that allows them to be driven into concrete, wood, and other materials with ease. The aluminum construction ensures durability and strength, making them ideal for a variety of projects.


Durable aluminum construction

The Expansion Aluminum Nail are constructed from high-grade aluminum, making them both strong and durable. This ensures that they can withstand the toughest of conditions and last longer than traditional nails, ensures a secure grip and a long-lasting hold. This ensures that the nails stay in place and don’t come loose over time.


Easy to drive

The nails are designed to be easy to drive into concrete, wood, and other materials. This makes them perfect for a variety of projects, from construction to DIY projects.


Suitable for wall substrates Solid concrete walls Solid brick, red brick.



Ideal for installing wall cabinets, security windows, and wall panels. With a strong, flexible head it's easy to get into narrow spaces and set up in difficult areas. Hammer Drive Nails are suitable for solid concrete walls as well as solid brick, redbrick, and other masonry substrates and can be used with our unique hammerhead.


Permanently Fixed

Fasteners cannot be removed after installation, very secure.


Material: Aluminum



It is recommended to wear protective gloves when using Hammer Drive Nails in Anchor Percussion Expansion Aluminum Nail.


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