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🔥 Interactive Windmill Cat Toys with Catnip

🔥 Interactive Windmill Cat Toys with Catnip

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Here comes a nice gift for your furry friends!

It's not just play; it's dental care too!

Act as a toothbrush, grinding & cleaning your cat's teeth as they bite it.

Crafted with soft & safe material, it is Ideal for independent play when you're not around.


SAFE & DURABLE - Crafted from soft and resilient TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), this toy is gentle on your cat's teeth and won't cause any harm. They are tough enough that can withstand your cat's enthusiastic play.

SUCTION BASE - The toy features a powerful suction base that can be attached to various smooth surfaces, including floors, doors, and tables. It stays put, allowing your cat to play without limits.

STIMULATES INSTINCTS - With a windmill-shaped design, this toy offers double-sided excitement. Place the included glowing ball and catnip in the transparent compartments, and watch as your cat swats and spins the windmill for endless amusement.

INTERACTIVE ENGAGEMENT - Cats can easily spin the windmill with a gentle touch, enhancing their agility and providing hours of interactive fun. Watch as they pounce, swat, and chase. Unleash your cat's inner hunter!

DENTAL HEALTH - As your cat plays and bites the toy, it helps remove dental plaque and promotes healthy teeth and gums. It's an effective way to maintain your cat's oral hygiene.

FULFILLS ITCHY NEEDS - The textured surface of this toy's ball provides the perfect spot for them to rub & scratch against, offering a satisfying itch relief and preventing damage to your furniture.


Material: TPR

Weight: 130g

Size: 15.8*7.5*6.9cm / 6*3*2.7 in

Function: Dental health, interactive entertainment


1 * Rotary Cat Toys

1 * Glowing ball

2 * Catnip ball


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