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A1 Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter

A1 Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter

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A1 fully automatic anti-scalding intelligent digital multimeter, easy to operate and recommended
Easily check out circuit faults and troubleshoot wiring


Automatic digital display, intelligent sensing, insulated operation, safe power checkingThree digital intelligent displays:

  • No current: white interface, no voltage
  • Firewire: red interface, high voltage
  • Zero line: green interface, low voltage

    Self-contained LED light, Easy to work in the dark

    The tip of the head automatically senses the zero and fire wires.

    Power on direct test:
    Power on direct measurement of AC and DC voltage resistance and on/off without changing gears.

    Functions : AC voltage, DC voltage, beep on/off, resistance, frequency, breakpoint detection, ambient temperature, zero/fire wire recognition


    Size: 12.7*4.2*2.4cm
    Color : Black
    Weight: About 67g
    Package includes : 1* A1 Fully Automatic Anti-Burn Intelligent Digital Multimeter.

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